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Ah I haven't logged into DA for a week or so, I'm sorry, I'll have to get back to replying to everyone who left comments.  I'll be a student volunteer at Siggraph and it starts tomorrow and I've been really nervous about it.  I get nervous over everything; I really need to gain some confidence in myself. :XD:

I've also been working on my 3D skills for the conference since there will be a job fair and lots of networking to be done.  I really want to work with modelling/texturing for videogames, but I know I'm nowhere near the level I need to be to get a job (even a junior level position).  I'm trying really hard though.  Also, I will be updating my blog with stuff that I won't be posting here (mainly because it's more like a sketch blog and I feel like I can just post wips and sketches and the occasional finalized art pieces).  Here's a to it if you're interested in seeing what stuff I do outside of DA.  I'm aiming to update it every few days if I'm not busy with... volunteering/homework.
  • Watching: The Secret of Kells
  • Playing: Beyond Good and Evil HD
Hi everyone, I apologize for a lack of updates.  I have been working on art to sell at mini-comi happening this saturday (July 23rd) at UBC.
For information on mini-comi, follow this… .

:iconbone-fish14: and I will be sharing a table.

Some of my friends are also going: :iconmikochi: :iconbettykwong: :iconjoodlez: :iconjenarwen:

Follow this… for a map of our table placements.

Please come by and say hi if you are planning on going.  8D
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Hey everyone, it's been a while.  I apologize to anyone who has left comments in which I haven't responded.... I finished working on my 8 months long graduation animated film project last month and I needed a break.  From everything.  I was at a point where I stopped sleeping and eating altogether to finish this project and I think I caused a great deal of worry to everyone around me as to my health.  But I'm much better now, I'm actually getting a few hours of sleep every day now. 8D

Currently I've been working on some low-poly 3D models for a work experience opportunity,as well as attempt to work on a decent portfolio.

I've been following the new games at E3, I was looking forward to a bunch of them prior but I finally got to see some gameplay and trailers.  So excited about Skyrim, Dark Souls and AC Revelations.  I just preordered two of them today cause I'm such a nerd.  My greatest dream would be to work at a videogames company working in their 3D department.  

Skyrim is definitely my most wanted.  I loved oblivion, I always go back to it and find new abilities and locations, it always has something new for me and I've played many many hours of it.  I even bought it twice because I played my first disc so much that it cracked.

Dark Souls is a sequel to Demon's Souls which is a brutally hard (not so much anymore since I pretty much memorized everything from it now) dark fantasy medieval game.  I love this genre and the gameplay is fun but not for people who give up easily.  I love the satisfaction that you get from beating these crazy bosses especially YOU MANEATER boss (I hate his stupid 3D polygon face, I've had to retry beating him like 172318728163 times, I mean who makes a boss fight on a tiny ledge thing where you can fall to your death super easily while fighting 2 flying things that look like gargoyle lizard monkeys  that keep pouncing on you and making you fall to your death). YUP.  :XD:

And Assassin's Creed is Assassin's Creed  (POSSIBLE AC SPOILERS AHEAD).   I want to know what happens to Desmond. LOL.  The story is so crazy, but I just want to know how it will progress.  Also I'm curious because Ezio is old...  and in ac2 it was explained that you can only reexperience memories of a person in your past up until their dna (aka pregnancy/child birth) gets passed on to the next person (their child/mother) and that you can't experience their memories anymore.  So it's kind of weird to see Ezio as being old and playing as his old self because it means he hasn't passed on his dna and had a child yet.  Weird stuff. XD  Also that stuff with the "gods" and "Adam and Eve" and "Subject 16"is just... insane.   I want to know more. :XD:
Uploaded my grad film trailer to vimeo:

Let me know what you guys think.  I feel like if I had been given more time and ran into less errors/crashes/troubleshooting I would've done a better job.  Still trying to get it done though, the whole film is due in less than 5 days.  D8
So as many of you know, I've not been very active in art-making due to my 4th year final graduating film.  And like a fool, I went with making a 3d animated short... with very little knowledge on the whole 3d thing.  It's been a tremendous learning experience, and it has definitely whetted my appetite to learn more about 3d.  Unfortunately my film is lacking in skill and whatnot, but I try.  I really do.  3ds max doesn't like me, and I have crashed my computer more times than I can count, and watched my ram go up to 98% and freeze everything (I have 8gb of ram).  And when my computer isn't crashing, 3ds max likes to throw a bunch of errors and problems in my direction causing me to research for a solution for hours or days... D8

Well, if you'd like to see some of this 3d stuff, here's my production blog: (it doesn't have much, but as the deadline for this project gets closer, I'm hoping to have some more stuff posted).  I will also be posting some screen shots and finished models to da if I deem them worthy.

In the meantime, I was wondering if people would be interested in seeing me livestream (both illustrations and/or 3d related work).  I was just curious if there was any interest.  

Btw here's my current WIP:… been working on it an hour or so a day inbetween 3d animation because 3d makes me cry.
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I don't usually do these... but since I was killing some time at school while waiting for class to start.

This is a questionnaire for others to discover what you think of your own work on Deviantart.

1) List your gallery piece with the most comments:…

2) List your gallery piece with the most favorites:…

3) What 2/8(depending on the size of your gallery) other pieces you believe are your most favorited/popular? #1) #2)… #3)…;

4) What are your top 2/8 favorite pieces in your gallery? #1) #2) #3) (I like the character but not the piece as a whole for the last one)

5) List 3 pieces where you were amazed by your own abilities: #1) #2)… as previous question basically. 8/

6) From a professional standpoint, which piece do you think is your best work?

7) If you have any humorous pieces, list the ones that are the funniest from your gallery (if not skip this question and leave it blank): #1) #2) #3)

8) What do you enjoy drawing/writing most (Yes, this is a general question)? I want to be a concept artist/environment artist for video games, so I like drawing everything (from life drawing to imagination drawings).  Mostly I like to make unique characters and environments as well as challenging myself.

9) How long have you been drawing/writing for? Since I was old enough to hold a pencil... so 1 year of age.

10) List 7 of your favorite artists on Deviantart. :iconmichaelkutsche: :iconalgenpfleger: :iconandreewallin: :iconcryptcrawler: :iconjanaschi: :iconjeffsimpsonkh: :icondamie-m: :iconraphael-lacoste: (I have a lot of favorite artists but here's a selection of my favorites and yes I know I have 8 instead of 7... but I don't care)

11) List 7 close friends on Deviantart. This isn't in any particular order. :iconbone-fish14: :iconbettykwong: :iconmikochi: :iconshes-t: :iconjenarwen: :iconrinki: :iconmistresskurumi:  (I know there are more of you but... only 7 so yeah... 8I )

12) List 3 pieces from your gallery you wish people liked more? #1)… #2) #3)

Tag 5 people to repost this on Deviantart.  If you want to do this, consider yourself tagged.  Otherwise, no.
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It's officially been one year since I last updated my journal.  That is all.

No I'm just kidding.  That's not all.  I've been really busy as of late because I'm working on my graduating film for school.  You may have the seen the concept art for it already:…
I've been working on modeling and texturing the characters and environments.  

And OMG Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is coming out in 1.5 weeks.  :excited:  Kinda wished it wasn't though, I need to work on my film.... :XD:
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thought i'd post this:…

my line quality improved by like 75% after listening/watching that vid.

now if only i can find something that can teach me color theory.  8D
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my first love in videogames has a sequel and it seems to be confirmed (i dunno. kinda sounds like ubisoft is still thinking about it though). those graphics.... :faint:

i love the part where the guy is in the washroom and you just barge in. :XD:


now back to studying for the midterm.
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this looks really stupid.  kinda like.... weird american disney-ish 3d trying to re-create a japanese cartoon.

but it gets bonus points for machine guns in astro's butt. :XD:
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I know this has been out for a while... but I only just saw the trailer today.  Partially because I wanted to see it when I needed to motivate myself on experimental animation project.... it certainly did motivate me... but not for animating... i really want to paint. :XD:…

I love cheshire cat in this one.  He's so cute with his giant green eyes and pointy teeth.  I think he's the only reason why I'm going to try seeing this movie when it comes out.

but they didn't show the caterpillar!! :ohnoes:

I kinda find it funny that they only advertise Johnny Depp as an actor in this movie.:XD:
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  • Reading: LOTR Sketchbook - Alan Lee
  • Watching: 300

that's my reason for not being very active on DA.  school just steals my lifeforce.  i can feel it depleting. :ohnoes:

anywho.  i want to watch that movie where the wild things are simply because of their trailer music. i loved that arcade fire song before i ever saw the trailer.   

ONLY 2 MONTHS LEFT BEFORE ASSASSIN'S CREED 2 COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :typerhappy:



ps.  no i'm not in a noble mood.  i just thought it was cool that there was a knight emoticon. :XD:
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that has to be the most amazing emoticon in the whole entire universe.

yes... i did just make a journal for that.

... i want the summer to be over so badly.
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so the last couple days i've been thinking, i need to improve my painting/drawing skills like crazy if i want to get anywhere in life.  but... at the same time i've had a lack of motivation, inspiration and energy (thanks a lot you stupid cold)... but i believe that my lack of motivation is related to my inability to see anything positive in my work, and that my artist ego is getting in the way of me making some mistakes.  ah i feel so stupid, people have been telling me this again and again and i just ignore it like a stubborn idiot.  i apologize.  i'm gonna have to destroy that negative part of me if i want to get anywhere and actually enjoy drawing again.  lol.

anywho... i'm gonna practice like crazy for the next few years.  i don't care anymore.  my skills are crap right now and i won't get anywhere without some serious studying (no thanks to retarded school elective classes, anatomy was the exception).

anyways... this wasn't really a journal.  it was more like written documentation of my goals.  ^^;

in other news,  my new computer is going to kill my bank account.  and i need to upgrade to vista 64-bit.  but i don't want vista, it's evil!!  and because of this, my loyal trusty scanner is going to have to be upgraded too because epson doesn't have a vista 64bit driver for it (but they have vista 32-bit....... why can't they have a 64 bit version too?!!!?!?).  b-but i love my scanner.  it's never given me any trouble and it's been serving me for like 10 years or something.  i feel like a traitor, trying to replace it.
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yeah... that's all i really have to say.  that and i have to go finish my homework! YAY!  i totally do not appreciate the overwhelming amounts of homework.  

as soon as this semester ends, i'm going to stop procrastinating on my personal art projects and get a bunch of them done so that I can post some more stuff in my gallery.
I need to become a better digital painter.  That's my summer goal... also I need to work enough to pay for next year's tuition.

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so my promises of new art are complete lies...
but i have excuses!!! lol.

i have been working on website graphics commissioned by a company... and currently i'm working on an acrylic painting which is a late christmas present for my mother... and i still have to get another late christmas present drawing completed for someone... and with the new school year starting with promises of homework overdose and sleep deprivation... i doubt i'll be able to do much for my DA accout... but who knows, surprises happen.


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i apologize for lack of updates and not replying to messages anymore.

last month of school coming up.  and i barely have enough strength to keep myself from fainting from exhaustion.

but as soon as school is over.... expect lots of art.

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sometimes i feel like i've made some real improvement in my art.... and then i find someone who makes amazing professional-looking work who's younger than me....

guess i have to try even harder to improve. :XD:

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my apologies for my prolonged absence from DA.  recently i've had no time for anything beyond working like a crazy workaholic...  and i feel like i'm spiralling down into insanity and it is taking all my energy to avoid it.  i'm so tired but i have very little to complain about so i'll stop talking now.

jus' saying i'm still around.  sorta.

but OMG school starts soon!!! AAAAAAAAAAH! WHERE'D SUMMER GO?!!!


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I must apologize for my lack of any updates whatsoever.  i've been in a sort of unending artist block... everytime i try to draw something, it just depresses me because i feel my drawing skills are so very poor...
anyways i've also been working... and having a lot of fun working.  i never thought i would be lucky enough to land such an awesome job, so weird i know.  wish i could keep working into the school year but it seems that this fall semester (and probably every semester after that) is going to be such a mess schedule-wise...  ah well hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end.
my dad recently asked me if i was going to continue my studies or work after obtaining my undergraduate but honestly i don't know.  i hate uncertainty, i always feel like i'm rushing towards a pit of darkness and that i can't get out.

anyways this is a reminder to myself: STOP SPENDING MONEY! lol.  seriously.


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